Friday, 22 April 2011

Urban board project - part 6

Spent some time with milliput filling gaps and coverng areas where the foam has melted. Also picked up some Wills scenery from a local train model shop and inserted the cobbled drive. The block is designed to be oriented either way round and is also modular with 3 levels. I primed it grey and then covered it in a car spray (Daewoo Stone Silver) I liked the look of. I then attached some shiny black card to look like tinted windows. Finally painted details - boltgun grey metal covers for doors and windows, brown wash for weathering and brown for the paving.
Lessons learned this time.
1. Spray at a good distance from the surface and dont overdo it or you get paint smears. Fortunately by covering these raised surfaces with a brown wash it looks like corrosion.
2. When glueing card dont get any glue on the surface or it removes part of the surface. Fortunately again it looks like damage/peeling so I might have got away with it.

I am lucky that the block is intended to look beaten up as my quality control and detailing is so poor I couldnt make something thats looks brand new even if I tried. Which is what I want to do next...

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