Sunday, 17 April 2011

Urban board project - part 1

Now that I have all the figures I need and a pile of IMEX plastic kits from Salute its time to move my dreams closer to reality. I want to be able to play modern influenced sci fi games. I think force on force are the way ahead (with a healthy dose of necromunda for a change of pace) as regards rules and I am happy with all the figures and factions I have compiled (killer robots, ABC warriors, Torquemada terminators etc). Now to do my first proper scenery project.

A nice sunny day and I went to B&Q to get them to cut down some 12mm MDF into four 2 by 2 foot boards. I am now in the process of priming them. Though I wish I had waited until I was at poundland - B&Q primer = £14, poundland = well you can guess.

Tomorrow I will put a big order into antenocitti's workshop and cross my fingers that it will get to me before the bank holiday weekend. I want a variety of plasticard to mark out roads and open areas and foamboards to create buildings and features.

The boards will be very flat so that they can be easily transported and stored. My emphasis will be on modular buildings and other terrain that can support as many scenarios as possible.

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