Monday, 4 April 2011

Be Pure, Be Vigilant, Behave

To celebrate the release of the new EE Daemonhunters codex I thought I would paint up the original Terminator. Now if only someone would do a Marshall law figure, Kevin O'Neil really is an amazing artist.
Anyway, I picked up the deamonhunters codex. Better fluff than the last one, however chock full of errors and omissions. The editors and proof checkers really arent doing their jobs, feels like a rush job. I always liked the idea of the grey knights going back to slaves to darkness but the main problem for me is the figures. They combine the two things I dislike the most in miniatures - curved armour and hyper detailing. Plain spain marines are horrible to paint (not even any textures), combine this with all the fussy detailing and I just dont want to paint them. However Black Hats Cobalt mercenaries are decent looking proxies so I may pick up a few of them at salute.

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