Sunday, 17 April 2011

Post Salute

Enjoyed the day and managed to get most of what I wanted. I have had the idea of an urban/sci fi game in my head for a while so my purchases were based around this.

Force on Force - started reading it last night and it exceeds my expectations. The clearest explanation of intent and rules purpose I have encountered. If only all rules knew what they wanted to do so clearly.

Onto the lead (no plastic for me - apart from the 3 IMEX platformer/hexagon sets I picked up).

Black Hat - Cobalt mercenaries - I will use these as a terminator body guard for Torquemada.

Black Hat - Skeletral marines - Another faction

Westwind - US Battle suit and Soviet guard - nice old fashioned looking mecha

Project X - Power soldat

GZG - "crusty" power suit (trying to figure out where all the little bits go)

EM4 - power suits, terminator robots and savages

finally a Hasslefree Tiriel.

A good day out, sadly didnt play any games or see everything (as usual). I need to get it more together (I say that every year).

Ancients rules and plastics seemed to be in vogue. Personally the only ancients rules that tempted mere are impetus - which arent new.

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  1. Ooh! I've been dying to see pictures of the Crusty Mecha! Pretty please... :)