Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Urban board project - part 3

Bit of a learning curve in this. Got myself a new toy, a mount cutter. Its like a portable guillotine which allows you to cut thick card straight and at a 45 degree angle. Very handy.
Having solicited lots of advice I got confused for a minute, and then decided to ignore it all and soldier on with my original plan. I have cut out cardboard frames to represent pavement, however the material isnt very strong or high enough to represent a curb so I may do it in foam board instead. Still a useful exercise to learn things, even if time consuming.
Im "working from home" tomorrow (waiting for parcels with modelling goodies really). Hopefully I can make more progress once I get more. Though I found out that the works in town does A3 foam board as well as WH Smith - so maybe I didnt have to pay the high postage (trying to avoid saying shipping fee, sounds too american).

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  1. I'll be following this one with interest, good luck!