Saturday, 26 February 2011

1/48 Scale Moderns

Painted up more quickly than I thought. A British Army half section (HLBSco figures).

Also some generics which could pass for Pashtuns.

If I can make it to Salute I will probably sell these in the bring and buy as its not something I am interesting in gaming with.

Next finish my crocodile Spartans and prep some more 1/48th scale African irregulars and US Army.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Countdown to Salute

Lots going on, but nothing finished. I would like to clear out some of my lead horde so I am planning to paint some figures I have had for a long time and sell them at the Salute bring and buy. At the moment thats my Crocodile Games Spartans, great figures but I dont play the game, and HLBSco moderns - assorted insurgents plus UK and US forces. I was tempted to keep these for when I get Force on Force when the new book comes out, so we shall see what progress I make before Salute.
I also have some of Col Stone's PLA half finished on the workbench. I dont expect to have anything completed for another week at least.
Regarding Salute, still working on my wants list. Mainly near future and sci-fi robots I think.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Urban War Robots

Been busy expanding the Berlin camo theme, I am thinking of an opposition force for my ABC warriors. An old Void VASA Shogun bird of prey without banner, sword and shield (why would a giant war robot need them?).
I checked and Scotia Grendel own the molds for these now and they have released the old Viridian dinosaur troop carriers, cool! Also some urban war VASA black legion (without wings).

Finally an urban war Triad Oni Class shogun battlesuit (without shield). I painted this in the colours of Hitaki to act as a proxy (couldnt be bothered to do any conversion).

Got some HLBSco 1/48ths undercoated to go next. Also looking for anime style robot miniatures too (not as many about as I would like) to act as another faction. Below you can see the ABC warriors.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

ABC Warriors: Part 4 - Deadlock

The last of the foundry ABC Warriors, though I still have a Hitaki conversion on the paint table and a Torquemada figure to undercoat. Next I have to think of a consistent basing scheme, might wait to pick up something scenic at Salute.
My plan is to get through as much of my lead mountain before Salute so I can justify going there. Got my eyes on some more urban mammoth stuff and some HLBSco 1/48ths.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Updated Berlin Camo Mech

I have done a bit more touching up, not happy with Foundry Charcoal Black highlight C so I used Arctic Grey A. Also finally settled on basing material I am happy with and added some barbed wire I picked up from Antenocitti's workshop at Salute last year. Hopefully it looks better now.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Nemesis the Warlock

I really enjoyed painting this figure, hence two updates in one day. I tried a few different techniques to give him that alien feel. Also as a larger figure there was more I felt I could do with him. Deadlock isnt far off either, but I really need to get about 20 figures based. I can put it off no longer.

ABC Warriors: Part 3

Finally getting through all my Foundry ABC Warriors figures. I still have Nemesis, Deadlock and a Hitaki conversion in different stages sitting to be painted. Just in the process in going through every single manufacturer link on the warlords blog to see what I can spend my cash on at Salute.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Berlin Camo Mech

I have always liked the Berlin Camo pattern (and I know other people are fans too) for its aesthetics. I also have a ton of old Void/Urban Mammoth figures sitting around and I liked the look of the VASA KV72 Battlesuit. I have never been a fan of mechs being painted all in camo as you loose the look of the figure (it is camo after all), so I wanted to show the camo and still retain the outline. I think that Berlin, as a chunky pattern, probably works best on larger figures and vehicles. It was still a fun experiment.

Also remembered why no painting since June last year!
I was working on two webcomics, you can see them here
Inspired by my time working overseas
A bit of pulp fun

Undead Pirates

Slowly waking from hibernation and I can feel Salute is round the corner, therefore I feel pressured to get through my lead pile so that I can justify spending at Salute. So first off from Black Scorpion undead pirates I picked up at the last salute. They have a lot of individual character and I really enjoyed painting them (first painting since my last post - a long time). I understand they are releasing a fantasy pirate skirmish game in time for salute - so they may be worth a look at at.