Sunday, 13 February 2011

Berlin Camo Mech

I have always liked the Berlin Camo pattern (and I know other people are fans too) for its aesthetics. I also have a ton of old Void/Urban Mammoth figures sitting around and I liked the look of the VASA KV72 Battlesuit. I have never been a fan of mechs being painted all in camo as you loose the look of the figure (it is camo after all), so I wanted to show the camo and still retain the outline. I think that Berlin, as a chunky pattern, probably works best on larger figures and vehicles. It was still a fun experiment.

Also remembered why no painting since June last year!
I was working on two webcomics, you can see them here
Inspired by my time working overseas
A bit of pulp fun

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  1. Very nice Camo but I'm not a fan of the VASA mech.