Thursday, 24 February 2011

Countdown to Salute

Lots going on, but nothing finished. I would like to clear out some of my lead horde so I am planning to paint some figures I have had for a long time and sell them at the Salute bring and buy. At the moment thats my Crocodile Games Spartans, great figures but I dont play the game, and HLBSco moderns - assorted insurgents plus UK and US forces. I was tempted to keep these for when I get Force on Force when the new book comes out, so we shall see what progress I make before Salute.
I also have some of Col Stone's PLA half finished on the workbench. I dont expect to have anything completed for another week at least.
Regarding Salute, still working on my wants list. Mainly near future and sci-fi robots I think.

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