Sunday, 20 February 2011

Urban War Robots

Been busy expanding the Berlin camo theme, I am thinking of an opposition force for my ABC warriors. An old Void VASA Shogun bird of prey without banner, sword and shield (why would a giant war robot need them?).
I checked and Scotia Grendel own the molds for these now and they have released the old Viridian dinosaur troop carriers, cool! Also some urban war VASA black legion (without wings).

Finally an urban war Triad Oni Class shogun battlesuit (without shield). I painted this in the colours of Hitaki to act as a proxy (couldnt be bothered to do any conversion).

Got some HLBSco 1/48ths undercoated to go next. Also looking for anime style robot miniatures too (not as many about as I would like) to act as another faction. Below you can see the ABC warriors.

1 comment:

  1. Lots of good stuff.

    The Black Legion look much better as robots than armoured troops...good call!