Friday, 25 June 2010

Mongoose Street Judges

Havent done a lot of painting of late as I have been working on a webcomic project, but Matt from Mongoose sent me some of the new Judges and I couldnt wait to paint them. Ive just finished reading the Vol 14 of the complete Judge Dredd reprints (about the time I stopped getting 2000 AD as a kid) so I was in the mood. Maybe not the greatest paint job ever, but thats my level. However some of the paint jobs on the mongoose site (apes and Klegg) are stunning.
Hopefully I will get a better camera soon too, pity my car service/MOT last week was nearly £2000! so thats been delayed.
Feeling guilted into finishing my Uruk Hai so thats next.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

From the Vaults: Vendel Greeks

Been a bit poorly so no painting or blogging. However here is "some" of my 2000 point WAB Greek army. Simple plan, have so many figures you cover the entire width of the table and cant be flanked. This was the second full army I painted and my first try of the Foundry paint system, which saved me a lot of time. However it still took forever to complete. The shield transfers and wood bases I got from Veni Vidi Vici who I remember as always having good customer service. The Vendel/Gripping Beast sculpting style is quite chunky and rounded, which makes painting more fun, less fiddly, easier and also gives me more space to develop my paint scheme (lots of surface, no hyper detailing). Never played a game with these, by the time I had finished WAB had gone out of fashion locally and we had moved onto to LotR. The sheer logistics of moving such a large and heavy army are another thing to consider. Still, even non frothers relate to Greeks so its a popular army with the muggles who see it. Still got half an ancient Indian and El-Cid army sitting in the to do box for WAB as well. I think fundamentally the movement puts me off the game, having a lot more fun with WotR at the moment.
Also spent the week re-reading all the Nemesis the Warlock books (Rebellion reprints) so thoughts of the glory of Termite are sparking in my brain.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

District 9 - MNU WIP

After seeing GZG's crustie and shanty town releases a few months ago I was inspired to create a District 9 board and scenario. So at Salute I picked up a few items, these are the QRF Ratel and Casspir. The Ratel in the movie is actually a custom stretch version with 8 wheels, but the QRF is close enough. I think for the sheer quantity of lead you get the QRF models are good value for money. The sculpts are a bit rough and required quite a lot of fixing , but for the price and considering how fringe these vehicles are I am happy with them. I really enjoyed putting the Casspir together as it was a real challenge with all the pieces, but there are clear instructions on the site and plenty of examples of the vehicle on google. The modeller part of me really enjoyed getting stuck in.
However I am unhappy with the painting, I havent painted a vehicle for a long time and never a white one so there are many learning points. As the vehicle are pure and bright white in the movie thats how I painted them, however they have lost details and definition. I also undercoated black, more out of habit and thinking it through. Finally my white paint was too thick and it obscured details as I had to put on so many coats due to the black undercoat. So a few learning points there.
Undercoat white, apply thin layers of white, use ink washes to fill in details and improve contrast. I dont feel upset as its all learning and I think they are good value for money models. I would be keen on any feedback/advice on how best to paint this type of model.
Anyway next the infantry, not painted 15mm before so another new challenge. Or maybe the Uruk Hai...

Saturday, 22 May 2010

2000 AD Joe and Johnny

These two have been sitting around unfinished for some time, usually when it comes down to painting weapons I run out of inspiration, I might talk more about that element in a future blog. The good thing about these 2000AD characters is they dont have oversized weapons in the comics. I decided to continue what I had done with the ABC warriors and go for a flat grey paint job which doesnt distract from the main event - the figure, its anatomy and its posture.
I got re-inspired as I recently re-read Strontium Dog the final solution. I loved the artwork by Simon Harrison, he has such a visceral style, and I think he rivals Kevin O'Neill for intensity. It really captured a mood and a time in Britain and has a real gritty and oppressive air about it. I know many disliked it for what happened to a certain key character, but it has always stuck strongly in my head.
Another thing is the announcement from mongoose that they are re-releasing and revamping their Dredd/Mega City range. A recent post on the frothers forum has appeased my initial concerns, I didnt buy any metals last time around due to cost (thought I bought the game). However I am pretty excited about this, especially as having seen the amazing future city board produced by Antenociti's workshop for Salute. I think there is a lot of scope to product a Mega City environment. I picked up a pair of their Antenociti hover droids (you can also see these on the dropship horizon blog linked on the left panel).
Still a bit unsure of the focus on Johnny Alpha, the feet seem to be in focus but not the face. I also dont think I made his skin pale enough. Got some Stix Brothers hanging around somewhere, might dig them out.
Next, fingers crossed finish some of my District 9 or Isengard Uruk Hai.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

From the Vaults: Void VASA

I had my weekly War of the Ring Game as planned, but I was so tired I didnt take many photos and the ones I took werent very good. So again, more practice taking photos of units until I get it right. I think these were the first non-GW sci fi figures I painted. Back in the day this game was the main opposition to GW in the UK at least. I think these are Kev White sculpts, there are great to paint anyway. I dont even know how old these are. I still have loads of painted and unpainted from all the different eras (i-kore, urban mammoth). A blast from the past.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

From the Vaults: Khador

As my weekly scheduled game of War of the ring has been postponed for a night I wont be able to take pictures of my Dwarf Army (as they are kept at my opponents house). Therefore I thought I would take another opportunity to dust off, literally, some older miniatures and get more practice with the camera. I think I need to work a bit more on how I light the figures when I take photos. Anyway here is the Butcher along with two warjacks. I think I got this boxset by mail order as soon as they hit UK shores. I was undecided between Khador and Cryx, so I ended up getting both starter sets and my friend Will got the Protectorate. I dont know who sculpted the butcher, but I loved painting him. Also I was strongly inspired by the red paint GW had released and used to paint Daemonhunter stormtroopers in 40K, I knew I had to use that colour. I love its depth and richness, thought for the life of me I cant remember its name. The rest of the colours on the figures were foundry paint system. Since then I havent bought or painted any Khador, mainly because nobody seems to play Warmachine here and it and also the costs seemed a bit too GW. Though I did end up getting more Cryx, but thats a blog for another day.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

From the Vaults: Olympus

I picked these up years ago at a Salute at Olympia, Earl's Court. These are Titans and Spartans from Crocodile Games for the Wargods of Olympus game. They were pre-release then and im not sure if all the figures I bought have been released yet. Great fun to paint, the titans for the scale and the spartans are well scultped for painting. I was very excited about these when they first came out, but over time the game seems to have lost momentum. I remember meeting some of the frothers (Including Doc and the Colonel I think) in the local pub and their enthusiasm about picking up a copy of the Wargods of Egyptus rules. I actually had to dust them down they have been sitting around so long, the figures not the frothers. A blast from the past, though bizarrely the game has yet to be released.

ABC Warriors Part 2: Big Jobs

Here are the completed ABC warriors, or at least all the figures I own. Hammerstein is a bit shiny as the matt varnish hasnt dried yet. I use Winsor and Newton all purpose matt varnish as it has the least impact on the colours of any varnish I have used.
I tried something a big different with Hammerstein and Mek-Quake. Both were undercoated with a thin wash of GW boltgun metal and then I used the foundry 3 colour system on top. I wanted the metal to show through on the edges, particularly Mek-Quake, in order to show their used machine nature. I tried to highlight showing an above light source. Its not how I would normally do it, but I wanted to experiment. I think it makes the figures stand out more from a distance. I wanted as much as possible to avoid using all metallics on the figures as I think it can loose contrast on the figures. Next I have to figure out appropriate basing.
Before I start on one of x different projects my next post might be something I have done before, just to get more experience with using the camera.

ABC Warriors Part 1

Formula 1 got on the way of finishing the big boys but here are Joe Pineapples and Blackblood. Remember you can click on the picture for a larger image. Not sure what I will do with them all when I am finished, might pick up Mutants and Death Ray Guns to see if it is suitable.
Got a WotR game on Tuesday so hope to take some pictures of my Erobor themed Dwarf army (currently 5-1-2).

Spotted in Sandford

I picked these up at Salute from Hasslefree to paint for my fiance who is a big Hot Fuzz and Simon Pegg fan. Unfortunately my camera doesnt have a very good macro mode, needs to be 10cm from the object, which is frustrating. Salute 2010 was the best yet in my opinion, bespite being there 5 hours I still didnt see all the demo games.

first post

Inspired by other blogs, like inso's and dropship horizon, this is my miniature painting blog. Hopefully it will encourage me to make a dent into my lead mountain and improve my painting. I may also dig out some older figures I have painted.
The above picture is my "workbench" as of today. Some items have been there years, some a few days. Obviously I strive for a clear desk policy in order to make painting a lot easier and less cluttered. F1 in Monaco is on today so I will get distracted but my current objective is to finish of the foundry ABC warriors.