Tuesday, 18 May 2010

From the Vaults: Khador

As my weekly scheduled game of War of the ring has been postponed for a night I wont be able to take pictures of my Dwarf Army (as they are kept at my opponents house). Therefore I thought I would take another opportunity to dust off, literally, some older miniatures and get more practice with the camera. I think I need to work a bit more on how I light the figures when I take photos. Anyway here is the Butcher along with two warjacks. I think I got this boxset by mail order as soon as they hit UK shores. I was undecided between Khador and Cryx, so I ended up getting both starter sets and my friend Will got the Protectorate. I dont know who sculpted the butcher, but I loved painting him. Also I was strongly inspired by the red paint GW had released and used to paint Daemonhunter stormtroopers in 40K, I knew I had to use that colour. I love its depth and richness, thought for the life of me I cant remember its name. The rest of the colours on the figures were foundry paint system. Since then I havent bought or painted any Khador, mainly because nobody seems to play Warmachine here and it and also the costs seemed a bit too GW. Though I did end up getting more Cryx, but thats a blog for another day.

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