Sunday, 23 May 2010

District 9 - MNU WIP

After seeing GZG's crustie and shanty town releases a few months ago I was inspired to create a District 9 board and scenario. So at Salute I picked up a few items, these are the QRF Ratel and Casspir. The Ratel in the movie is actually a custom stretch version with 8 wheels, but the QRF is close enough. I think for the sheer quantity of lead you get the QRF models are good value for money. The sculpts are a bit rough and required quite a lot of fixing , but for the price and considering how fringe these vehicles are I am happy with them. I really enjoyed putting the Casspir together as it was a real challenge with all the pieces, but there are clear instructions on the site and plenty of examples of the vehicle on google. The modeller part of me really enjoyed getting stuck in.
However I am unhappy with the painting, I havent painted a vehicle for a long time and never a white one so there are many learning points. As the vehicle are pure and bright white in the movie thats how I painted them, however they have lost details and definition. I also undercoated black, more out of habit and thinking it through. Finally my white paint was too thick and it obscured details as I had to put on so many coats due to the black undercoat. So a few learning points there.
Undercoat white, apply thin layers of white, use ink washes to fill in details and improve contrast. I dont feel upset as its all learning and I think they are good value for money models. I would be keen on any feedback/advice on how best to paint this type of model.
Anyway next the infantry, not painted 15mm before so another new challenge. Or maybe the Uruk Hai...

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  1. The "8 wheeled Ratel" in the movie is a Rooikat QRF makes one of those as well.