Sunday, 16 May 2010

ABC Warriors Part 2: Big Jobs

Here are the completed ABC warriors, or at least all the figures I own. Hammerstein is a bit shiny as the matt varnish hasnt dried yet. I use Winsor and Newton all purpose matt varnish as it has the least impact on the colours of any varnish I have used.
I tried something a big different with Hammerstein and Mek-Quake. Both were undercoated with a thin wash of GW boltgun metal and then I used the foundry 3 colour system on top. I wanted the metal to show through on the edges, particularly Mek-Quake, in order to show their used machine nature. I tried to highlight showing an above light source. Its not how I would normally do it, but I wanted to experiment. I think it makes the figures stand out more from a distance. I wanted as much as possible to avoid using all metallics on the figures as I think it can loose contrast on the figures. Next I have to figure out appropriate basing.
Before I start on one of x different projects my next post might be something I have done before, just to get more experience with using the camera.

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