Saturday, 22 May 2010

2000 AD Joe and Johnny

These two have been sitting around unfinished for some time, usually when it comes down to painting weapons I run out of inspiration, I might talk more about that element in a future blog. The good thing about these 2000AD characters is they dont have oversized weapons in the comics. I decided to continue what I had done with the ABC warriors and go for a flat grey paint job which doesnt distract from the main event - the figure, its anatomy and its posture.
I got re-inspired as I recently re-read Strontium Dog the final solution. I loved the artwork by Simon Harrison, he has such a visceral style, and I think he rivals Kevin O'Neill for intensity. It really captured a mood and a time in Britain and has a real gritty and oppressive air about it. I know many disliked it for what happened to a certain key character, but it has always stuck strongly in my head.
Another thing is the announcement from mongoose that they are re-releasing and revamping their Dredd/Mega City range. A recent post on the frothers forum has appeased my initial concerns, I didnt buy any metals last time around due to cost (thought I bought the game). However I am pretty excited about this, especially as having seen the amazing future city board produced by Antenociti's workshop for Salute. I think there is a lot of scope to product a Mega City environment. I picked up a pair of their Antenociti hover droids (you can also see these on the dropship horizon blog linked on the left panel).
Still a bit unsure of the focus on Johnny Alpha, the feet seem to be in focus but not the face. I also dont think I made his skin pale enough. Got some Stix Brothers hanging around somewhere, might dig them out.
Next, fingers crossed finish some of my District 9 or Isengard Uruk Hai.

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