Thursday, 27 May 2010

From the Vaults: Vendel Greeks

Been a bit poorly so no painting or blogging. However here is "some" of my 2000 point WAB Greek army. Simple plan, have so many figures you cover the entire width of the table and cant be flanked. This was the second full army I painted and my first try of the Foundry paint system, which saved me a lot of time. However it still took forever to complete. The shield transfers and wood bases I got from Veni Vidi Vici who I remember as always having good customer service. The Vendel/Gripping Beast sculpting style is quite chunky and rounded, which makes painting more fun, less fiddly, easier and also gives me more space to develop my paint scheme (lots of surface, no hyper detailing). Never played a game with these, by the time I had finished WAB had gone out of fashion locally and we had moved onto to LotR. The sheer logistics of moving such a large and heavy army are another thing to consider. Still, even non frothers relate to Greeks so its a popular army with the muggles who see it. Still got half an ancient Indian and El-Cid army sitting in the to do box for WAB as well. I think fundamentally the movement puts me off the game, having a lot more fun with WotR at the moment.
Also spent the week re-reading all the Nemesis the Warlock books (Rebellion reprints) so thoughts of the glory of Termite are sparking in my brain.

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