Thursday, 21 April 2011

Urban board project - part 5

The learning curve increases. Making a square three story building is very simple, however my tolerances are still a bit shoddy and my hands burn from spilt glue. However now that I have primed it grey I have learnt two important things.
1. Imperfections (glue, gaps and untrimmed edges) show up very clearly once primed.
2. The foam inner melts in contact with the primer.
So the learning points are be more precise, be more careful and make sure exposed foam is covered.

I am not disheartened, we all have to start somewhere. In fact I am trying not to get caught up in my dreams of a whole town based upon the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. Anyway, next steps are some more challenging and complicated builds. Its the bank holiday weekend so I should have plenty of time to get things done. Fortunately the weather is stunning to I feel its only right to spend it indoors inhaling chemical fumes.

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