Monday, 18 April 2011

Urban board project - part 2

Work wasnt too harsh today so I had some spare time to think about this. I have placed an order at Hannants for some bits and pieces and also popped to the local model shop to get some evergreen tiles.
At the moment I am in mock up stage as the primed boards are now dry. I have a plan for the four tiles which I think should make them as modular as possible

In addition I am going to leave A4 and A5 spaces in the board. I then plan to make A4 and A5 size buildings and ruins which can be placed interchangeably. This is my first mock up with roads, pavement and spaces for buildings. I will probably do little to the roads apart from add rubble, I had thought of making them from plasticard and cutting them up to simulate damage and decay - still thinking about that. I will also add some decay and damage to the pavement tiles. Still unsure how to texture the gaps between buildings and pavement, might try and do earthen tracks rather than rubble and leave rubble to the modular terrain.

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