Thursday, 17 March 2011

Everything is in progress

With 4 Delta, 8 Rangers, 10 PLA and 12 Spartans half finished nothing worth taking a photo of at the moment. Hurt my neck to having a day or two off. Been occupying myself by reading Diver by Tony Broom - great book about a Navy Diver in the Falklands. Also working on my Salute wants list. At the moment for my ABC Warriors/near future I am thinking about;
Black Hat - Skeletal Marines (and maybe some Cobalt mercenaries)
Darkson US robots (if anyone has them)
EM4 - Plastic mechs, Skeletal robots, savages (Mad Max tastic) and power armoured troopers
Westwind - Soviet Guard and other WWII Mecha
Bolt Action - WWII tracked German vehicles for kit bashing
Black Scorpion - Undead pirates (and give them sci fi guns)
Mongoose - new Judge Dredd
Evil Empire - new Grey Knights (old skool Slaves to Darkness nostalgia?)

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